5 Card Draw Poker

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5 Card Draw is the poker game you remember playing with friends and family during your childhood. The nostalgic feeling of the game makes it a popular choice for many poker players. 5 Card Draw provides a more relaxing and deliberate pace in comparison to other forms of poker.

Rules of 5 Card Draw

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5 Card Draw is very similar to other draw style games. Everyone is dealt 5 cards face down. Players then decide how much to bet, raise, and call based on the strength of their hand. After the initial betting round players may discard any of their original cards and draw cards from the remaining deck. Another betting round follows. The best 5 card poker hand wins.

5 Card Draw Strategy

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A good 5 Card Draw strategy is to use aggression as a weapon. Since most of the time high cards and pairs are winners, putting pressure on your opponents keeps them guessing. It is also easy to know whether your opponents have a good starting hand or not based on how many cards they discard. If you have a hunch that your opponent is strong, folding mediocre hands before drawing any cards is a good strategy.