How to Play Poker

Whether you're looking to learn how to play poker for beginners, or seeking more advanced video poker strategy, this guide will help you hone your skills and play like a pro.

How To Play Video Poker

There are many different variations of poker game rules, but the fundamentals of poker remain the same. The object is to make the best possible combination of cards based on the hand that you've been dealt. Winning poker hands involve getting the best set of cards out of everyone playing that round. There will be many times when you win with a pair, not because that combination is particularly good but because your fellow players have hands that are much worse.

Poker Rules: What Beats What

Understanding the relative value of different hands is key to a successful online poker strategy. You need to immediately know how your hand stacks up relative to all other possible hands. As you're learning how to play online poker, a cheat sheet listing all the card combinations in order from best to worst and their relative values can be really helpful. In time you'll want to memorize all of this, but for now referencing the sheet is just fine in non-competitive situations:

- Royal Flush: An Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 from the same suite. This is the best possible hand of cards in typical poker games.
- Straight Flush: Five cards in sequential order, all from the same suite.
- Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same number. They don't need to be from the same suite.
- Full House: Three matching cards of one number, and a pair of another number.
- Flush:All five cards are of the same suite. They need not be in any kind of numerical sequence.
- Straight: Five cards in sequence, but from any combination of different suites.
- Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same number. The nature of the extra two cards doesn't matter, as long as they are not a pair of identical cards.
- Two Pair: Two sets of matching cards, i.e. two Jacks and two 3s in the same hand. The fifth card is irrelevant.
- One Pair:All five cards are of the same suite. They need not be in any kind of numerical sequence.

Rules of Poker: Strategies For Determining The Winning Hand

In most circumstances, simply looking at the list above is enough to determine the winning hand in a round of poker. However, sometimes as you learn to play poker, winning hands will appear to be tied if multiple players have the same level of hand. In order to break this tie, learn poker game rules for using a high card. In most cases, the higher the highest card in any hand is, the better it is considered to be. Under standard rules, an Ace can either be a high card or a low card as needed.

How To Win At Online Poker: Tips And Tricks For Pro Players

Poker is very much a game of skill, yet most instructions on how to play poker leave out the most important parts: how to identify what hands other player might have. You want to know as much as possible about the hands of others, without resorting to online poker cheating. A lot of this knowledge will come in time, as you develop more of your own strategy.

How do you play poker? By knowing the rules and doing the best with the hand you get. As you spend more time playing poker for fun and get to know the quirks of the game, you'll learn how to read the hands of others and adjust your strategies accordingly.