Jacks or Better Video Poker

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Jacks or Better is the single most popular variation of typical video poker. There are many reasons why enthusiasts might choose Jacks or Better rules over traditional poker, most notably due to the rule governing the payout at the end. The game is so beloved that a ship has been named after it - the Jacks or Better of Mayport, Florida.

Rules For Playing Free Jacks Or Better

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Most of the rules for normal poker apply to a Jacks or Better game as well. In both cases you're working with a hand of cards and ultimately presenting that hand to be judged for its success. In free Jacks or Better games, however, pairs don't count unless they are a pair of Jacks or better. Anything less than that won't receive a payout.

Jacks Or Better Strategy

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Video poker strategy in Jacks or Better revolves around a combination of betting strategy and actual card choices. As with normal poker, you'll eventually need to memorize the information on your Jacks or Better strategy chart. What's the likelihood of other hands being higher than yours? In particular, where are the other high-level cards? The more Jacks or Better free games you play, the better your sense for all of this will become. You can only learn so much from Jacks or Better tips; to win, you need to put them into practice and create new strategies of your own.