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DoubleDown Casino offers the classic and exhilarating game of Roulette that involves a thrilling combination of chance, strategy and excitement. Suspense builds from the moment the dealer tosses the ball on the wheel until it stops. Play free Roulette online anytime with no download or commitment.

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In Roulette, the focus is on the wheel with numbered pockets that are either colored red or black. Roulette is a game of chance since no one knows on which number or color the ball will land. Strategy comes into play when placing bets on odd or even numbers and black or red spaces. You can even choose to be more specific when you choose an exact number and also choose between the red or black colors. The more detailed your bet, the bigger your win.


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Here are 2 different online Roulette strategies to help you win the game.

1. In Roulette, you can draw conclusions by determining patterns of the way the wheel spins. While it is difficult to pinpoint how to win at Roulette every time, you can gain experience and begin to notice certain similarities for a winning Roulette system. Although the system based on these patterns can’t be sustained scientifically, the more you play the game, the easier it will be to strategically place your bets.

2. As you gain experience when you play free Roulette online, you can adapt your approach to betting depending on your previous plays. If you increase your bets proportionally each time you don't win, you increase your chances of winning big during another round. Although this strategy isn’t sustained scientifically, if you continue to double your bet or somewhere close to it, then when you win, you'll make up for previous losses.

To win at Roulette, you may want to try out the above strategies or try a combination of both to help ensure a win. Play Roulette as much as you like at DoubleDown Casinos.

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