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Will the Stars Align for Big Winnings When You Play Horoscope Slots?

Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you do or not, you are sure to enjoy playing Horoscope Slots, now available at DoubleDown Casino, the home of the most authentic online free slots |. Will the stars align for big winnings when you play?

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How to Play Horoscope Slots
Horoscope Slots features an eye-catching horoscope theme. Zodiac signs make up the symbols of the 5-reel game while new age music plays in the background.

Be smart when you select bet amounts and paylines to increase your chances of winning. Take the paytable into consideration and create an effective betting strategy that will work for you. The best way to win big at a game like Horoscope Slots is by studying the paytables and rules.

A big reason for the popularity of Horoscope Slots is the number of bonus rounds that are included in it. Spinning three or more Zodiac Wheels will trigger a special “What’s Your Sign” bonus round. In this round, you choose constellations in the sky for the chance of winning a huge amount of extra chips.

Another bonus round can be triggered when you match three Virgo signs. The free bonus spin is then triggered, netting you five extra spins at no charge. Perhaps the most lucrative mini game included in Horoscope Slots is the Lucky Stars bonus round. Line up two Sagittarius symbols in a row to enter this extra special bonus round.



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Always a Chance to Win When You Play Horoscope Slots!
Like all other games, there is always a good chance of winning when you play Horoscope Slots. Better yet, all their online slots games are completely free to play with no downloads necessary. Simply log in, collect your free chips for the day, and play. This might just be your lucky day to win the jackpot…if the stars are aligned correctly, that is!

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