Wild Safari Africa Free Slot Games

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Walk on the wild side with our wild slots! With this exciting game, you can win big and collect scattered helmets for a chance to save baby lions in a mini-game and win free extra bonus rounds. These free online slot machine games offer a unique opportunity to enjoy slots with an engaging mini-game and a strong chance to win.

Free Safari Slot Game

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These free play slots have a minimum cost per line of $20, but they offer many chances to win and a very good pay table. The payout is determined by what symbols line up, and how many of them exist on that pay line. As with many of our free slots casino games, you can choose to play non-linear pay lines, greatly increasing your chances of winning. Make sure you know what lines you're playing before you start your spins in order to maximize your chance to win!

In these free games slots, the lion heads are wildcards and the scattered helmets lead to a mini-game. The wildcards can become any symbol that would benefit you - and lining up five of the wildcards will net you the jackpot! If you have three or more scattered helmets on the reels, you'll be able to go into the mini-game. This automatically gives you 10 free slot machine play spins and afterward leads into a fun game where you save baby lions. Click on a hyena, and your game is over! This mini-game is a big way to win, so play free casino slots often to practice.

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When you play free slot machines at DoubleDown Casino, you trigger the reels to start turning, but when they stop is completely random. Because you have no control over when and where they stop, the best way to win our free video slot games is to maximize your knowledge of the pay table. The pay table determines how much is paid for a particular combination of symbols. By tailoring your bets to each different table you'll be optimizing your selections and making it more likely that you will succeed and win in the long term.