How to play

Playing BlackJack

At the DoubleDown Casino, you play multiplayer blackjack with your friends and others from all over the world. The game is free to play and the object is to beat the dealer and win lots of playing chips. As you play, you'll earn badges for special achievements and you'll climb through the ranking system, ultimately becoming a Casino Kingpin!

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Slot games are the easiest casino game to play. Select the number of lines you want to play and hit spin! If you want to maximize your chances of winning, play all lines by pressing "Max Bet". All our slot machines have a "Progressive Jackpot" - They keep going up until someone wins the jackpot and then it restarts. All of our slot machines have a bonus round feature. How to get the bonus round is clearly displayed on the game's opening instructions and on the Paytable. Please read each game's paytable to see what you need to get on a line to win. Our slot machines have a payout of 97.7% - better than any on the Las Vegas Strip!


You can play multiplayer roulette with up to 5 your friends and others at any given table from all over the world. In roulette, every player has a different colored chip. At different tables in DoubleDown Casino, the chips will have different value. The Napoleon Table has the highest stakes.

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Video Poker

The goal of video poker is to create the highest value poker hand possible out of 5 cards. In the video poker lobby, select your desired video poker machine and bet level. You will then be taken to your selected video poker machine. Click NEW HAND to reveal your first draw of 5 cards. You now have the option to discard any cards that you would like replaced by the dealer. Look at the PAY TABLE to see the value of different hands and then decide which of your cards you would like to discard. Click a card or the HOLD button to keep that card. Click the card again or click the CANCEL button to remove the hold on that card. Any cards that are not held will be discarded. Click DRAW to replace unheld cards. If your final hand is a winning hand, the PAY TABLE will highlight the value you have won.

Get More Playing Chips

At any point, should you want more playing chips, you can either buy or earn chips from the DoubleDown Casino. To buy chips, simply visit Buy Chips and purchase chips via PayPal. If you don't want to buy chips, there are 100's of ways to earn free chips by visting Earn Chips. With more chips, you can play at the Pharaoh and Black Ties tables, earning gold coin bonuses and increasing your likelihood of winning great prizes.

Gold Coins and Prizes

As you play the game, you'll earn gold chips based on your bet amounts and other factors. To get the most gold coins, play at the Pharoah and Black Tie tables, where you'll get gold coin bonuses with each blackjack hand won. When you've accrued some gold coins, you can visit Win Prizes to enter into prize drawings.

Inviting Friends

You can invite your friends to play with you anytime by visiting Invite Friends. When you invite your friends, we'll give them $1,000 in chips to get started. You can then sit with them at the tables and play together to "take down the house", while also competing to see who will win the top spot on the Friends Leadboard.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard appears near the bottom of the screen. You can use the leaderboard to track your rank against all players in the Casino, as well as your rank amongst your friends who are playing in the Casino. The leaderboard is the best way to measure your skills against all other players at the DoubleDown Casino.

Account Page

You can track your progress in the Casino anytime by visiting My Account. Here you can see how much you've won, the badges you've earned and your level within the Casino.